Electric Gooseneck Kettle for Drip and Pour Over Coffee and Tea By Cozyna, Stainless Steel, 1L

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Brand: Cozyna

Color: Stainless Steel


  • # PRECISE FLOW | BREW LIKE A BARISTA - Unlike an average water kettle, the Cozyna Electric Gooseneck Kettle distributes an even, steady water flow directly into the coffee bed. The spout and tip are designed to effortlessly control the speed and the angle of the flow. With this level of precision, you will achieve even distribution, extraction and ultimately experience superior coffee!
  • # LIGHTWEIGHT | POUR WITH EASE - Thanks to the lightweight stainless steel and ergonomic handle, you will be able to pour with incomparable precision, accuracy and ease. The Cozyna Electric Gooseneck Kettle is also designed with a sturdy, airtight, spill-free lid to avoid any potential spills.
  • # THERMOMETER INCLUDED | ACHIEVE EFFICIENT BOILING - The Cozyna Electric Gooseneck Kettle features an auto-shutoff lever which turns the kettle off once the water reaches boiling point. Every Cozyna Kettle also comes with a complimentary travel thermometer specifically designed for coffee and tea. Experience the easy and efficient way to boil with the Cozyna Electric Gooseneck Kettle!
  • # TEFLON-FREE | BREW SAFER - The Cozyna Electric Gooseneck Kettle is made out of 100% food-grade stainless steel so your home brew coffee and tea will be free of Teflon and harmful chemicals.
  • # 2 YEARS WARRANTY | BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - The Cozyna Electric Gooseneck Kettle comes with a 2-year warranty. Buy with confidence today and if anything happens, get your kettle replaced, no questions asked.


Gain full Control of Your Brewing Process and Brew Like a Barista!

Unlike the First and Second Wave, the Third Wave places a strong emphasis on high-quality coffee and skilled brewing. The Cozyna electric gooseneck pour over kettle is just the tool to help you join the Third Wave with ease. To become a skilled brewer, you need to have full control over each step during the brewing process and now you can! This home brew coffee and tea kettle allows you to execute the perfect cup of coffee with accuracy and precision.

No More Guess Work! Let the Brewmometer Do the Work for You!

This stainless steel electric pour over kettle allows you to regulate your water temperature with the graphic thermometer and temperature chart. You will also be able to have complete control over the flow rate with the elegant gooseneck spout and comfortable-grip handle.

Get the Same Unmatchable Results with a Wide Range of Brewing Methods!

Use the Cozyna Gooseneck Electric Kettle with a Chemex, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Clever Dripper, Hario V60, Eva Solo, a Siphon/Vacuum Pot and even with your favorite loose leaf tea. Whether you are brewing pour over coffee or steeping tea, with the Cozyna Gooseneck Electric Kettle you will be able to extract all the subtle flavors and aromatics from your coffee grounds and tea leaves with technique, precision and finesse.

Here are its specifications:

- 1000 Watts for quick and easy heating

- Rated Voltage: 120V 60Hz

- Capacity: 1.0L (33.8 oz.)

- Automatic shut-off safety feature

- ON/OFF indicator light located on outside of kettle

- Corrosion resistant stainless steel

- ETL Certified

UPC: 616174965115

EAN: 0616174965115